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Tallin Estonia 19.3.2010

Itís time for first official Red & Gold patches in the Baltic. First a few words about the country and the people. Estonia is a small country in baltic area and people of Estonia are native relatives to Finnish people. Estonian and Finnish lanquages are very similar and even genetically the Estonians are closer to Finnish and Swedish people than their east neightbours.

Mercenaries MC was established more than a half decade ago in the capital city of Estonia, Tallin. Now they started as Hangaround Chapter of Bandidos MC. Many of you have met the guys in National Run or other events.

Our journey started through frozen sea across the gulf of Finland. Approximately 60km distance between Helsinki and Tallin. When you look at the picture, probably your first thought is not that our driving season is starting soon...

Most of the Finnish brothers and supporters took the same ferry on friday afternoon. The party started in Panhead Pub Tallin. Excellent environment for this kind of event. Good food, good music and excellent atmosphere! Good crowd of Brothers, supporters and friends join the party. Nomads, members from all our chapters of Finland, brothers from Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Support clubs like Diablos MC Finland and Cobras MC Denmark, and friendship club Klan MC Estonia. Support groups Support Team X and Bad Attitude Crew from Finland. Local bikers and many familiar faces, among the the familiar faces from Latvia, Old Sharpers MC.

Patches were given. The moment everybody was here for. The point where road to Brotherhood begins!

From Panhead Pub we continued towards the hangaround chapters clubhouse, where the party continued . The clubhouse was full of people and everything was running smoothly without any problems. Our forthcoming Estonian Brothers did a hell of a job! Congratulations for the first step into a great Nation! And most of all welcome!

Love, Loyalty & Respect

Bandido Niko 1%er / Secretary

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