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Burapa Bike Week 2010

It had been stress all the previous week trying to get work organized so we could ride up to Burapa Bike Week. Burapa Bike Week is one of Asia’s largest events and it is situated in Pattaya which is one of the main adult party areas of South East Asia. We were looking forward to a great ride, seeing all of our brothers from Thailand and some great partying both at the event and after in Pattaya.

Wednesday 10th Feb 4.30pm we all met at the ferry pier down on Koh Samui, we had a 800km ride up to Bangkok first so we’d decided to get the late ferry Wednesday ride a few hours and stop at Chumporn Town so that the next day we’d have a reasonably easy ride into Bangkok and arrive early to miss rush hour. The ferry took an hour and a half and we briefed everyone on the route, convoy drills and we had a good chat with our support club Predadores MC as they would be working at the event and I wanted them to know what was expected of them. 6.30pm the ferry docked in Donsak and with the sun almost setting we rode off into the twilight. I’d decided to take the longer route around Surathani as we could stay then on a larger highway and miss the town’s traffic. An hour or so later as we were riding in formation I saw lights flashing at the rear and our convoy slowing down. One of the bikes had a flat tyre and we couldn’t have been any further from civilization if we’d tried. But flat tire or not we’d have to try and get to a gas station and I found one on my gps about 8kms down a minor road. The gas station had air but no repair station and we blew the tire back up only to watch it slowly deflate. Then a young Thai lady with husband and young child on a small bike came over and explained there was a Harley Repair garage not too far away and she would take us there. Firstly we didn’t really believe her as we were really out on the Thai outback and I’d never heard of any Harley shops around but it was our only chance so our convoy carried on following this little lady and her family on the small bike. We arrived a while later at a very dark lorry tire workshop, everyone there was already asleep and our new guide proceeded to bang on the door until all the family got out of bed in their pyjamas, the grandmother included. The family then called their mechanic who was already out on a call and said we’d have to wait about one hour for his return. But then some more neighbours turned up to admire our bikes and shortly after food and drinks started arriving. We had hot coffee, cold beers, spicy curries and noodle soups. These evidently quite poor people couldn’t do enough for us to make us welcome and comfortable. There was no animosity towards bikers or a 1%er club as you’d certainly have had in Europe, just whole hearted friendliness from lovely Thai people. It took nearly 4 hours to fix but eventually at 2am we found a motel and fell shattered into bed, hopefully tomorrow wouldn’t be such a problem.

Thursday morning early we woke the motel and the nearby gas station as our bikes started and we thundered up the highway. It was a beautiful morning with blue sky and already at 7am it was nearly 30 degrees. Looking at the photos you will see most of us are wrapped up like its winter, but believe me the sun here is not too be messed with and second degree burns can happen easily without protection. You wouldn’t notice how badly you’re getting burnt due to the cool feeling of the riding wind. We now had some catching up to do and we rode at quite a high speed for the rest of the day. Our stops were basically only for gas and a quick drink or cigarette at every 180kms and this time with nothing but glorious weather we made Bangkok by mid afternoon. Bangkok was a firkin nightmare with the traffic and it was damn difficult trying to keep together and not let our bikes overheat. But soaked with sweat we rolled into our Eastend Clubhouse to meet our brothers and get a few well earned ice cold beers. That night we quickly fitted a new inner tube in the bike with the bad tire and then checked into our hotel. We were all dehydrated from the long hot ride and a few icy beers were all we needed before getting some sleep.

Friday 12th Feb, not such an early start today which was much appreciated and we turned up at the already bustling clubhouse at 9am. One of our bikes had started to make serious clutch noises and we were lucky enough to have a replacement bike and be able to leave that one behind for later repairs. Bangkok to Pattaya is not far and we would only need a few hours ride with one main stop in the middle for gas. Most of the way we would be following the raised toll way but underneath fighting and jostling with a shit load of idiot lorry drivers with no respect for bikes. One strange rule in Thailand is that no bikes are allowed on the toll ways doesn’t matter how big they are. It was just another usual day in Thailand with roasting heat and crazy drivers but all the old school Harleys were eating up the road and we roared into Pattaya in good time and rode straight over to our Pattaya Brothers clubhouse. There were already many waiting for us and the beers were cold and the women hot and brothers everywhere it was a great Red & Gold afternoon. We cooled ourselves off as more brothers were arriving in the comfort of Pattaya’s clubhouse and bar enjoying the best company and gearing ourselves up for the event. After an hour or so everyone had arrived and we lined up on the road to ride as one entity to the event. Pattaya Chapter along with our new Hangaround Club Samurai MC had already been working hard and had organized everything for the event so as we arrived there was already a huge tent proudly displaying our colors with cold refreshments and a fired up BBQ with delicious Scandinavian style hotdogs being served. Everywhere you looked you saw our colors with Chapters Eastend Bangkok, Pattaya, Kamphaeng Phet, Chiang Mai, Prachurup, Kuala Lumpa and our Hangaround Samurai and support clubs Predadores, Mysterious and Criminals. The event was huge, well set out and organized and just everywhere you were seeing Red & Gold. We had all come straight from the Pattaya clubhouse and most of us still had our gear strapped to our bikes but there it stayed till late in the night as the party just went on and on and on. Pattaya Chapter had arranged enough great German style food for an army and the Pork Knuckles, Roasted Chickens and piles of freshly baked baguettes were going down a treat after the ride and the long afternoon. Nobody seemed keen to leave at all but in the early hours of the morning in the cool air we rode over to our booked hotel dumped the gear off in our rooms and grabbed a local tuk tuk (local Thai taxi)down to the famous Pattaya walking street. There our Red & Gold Party just carried on and the sun was already shining before most of the bro's came back to the hotel. Now we all could get some sleep while the sun was high and we would return back to the event late afternoon when it wasn’t so damn hot.

Saturday afternoon was roasting and after few ice coffees to wash away the hangovers we set off again for the event ground. Burapa Bike Week is one of Asia’s biggest events and has a crowd capacity of many 1,000’s and it is difficult to actually estimate how many bikes or people were actually there. I’d say 30-40,000 over the whole weekend but although the event ground is well set out you still have a while sitting in traffic trying to get there. This was awful Saturday as just 1,000’s of bikes were pouring in from all over Asia. Luckily for us our Pattaya Chapter had shown us a very clever short cut and we beat the worst of the traffic before being able to line up our bikes in front of the Bandidos tent. That day I must have met nearly every biker I’d ever known in Asia. Everywhere I looked I saw our Brothers and Red & Gold family, it was a great day even though we’d arrived later and we listened to the live music on stage, walked around looking at all the various stalls that were selling everything from insects as Thai snacks and complete motorbikes and enjoyed the best company from our Bro's. Pattaya Chapter yet again had organized some great food and things couldn’t really have been better. We met many supporters from around the world and listened to many stories from Brothers through the night. An awesome night, good food & drink and just the best damn company there is. The party at Burapa seemed to go on and on but at some stage we must have left and rode back to our hotel and from there again into party land Pattaya. It’s all a bit blurry from there but the next morning as we tried to get some solids down our necks and drink enough strong coffee as a few of the previous nights stories and escapades were being told and I can only remember thinking what a great time we all had and how proud I am to be part of the best fucking MC in the world.

We didn’t have a particular early start on Sunday but believe me it was early enough but damn that sun was already very high as we eventually got all our gear together and sadly said our goodbyes to all the Brothers. It would be another long ride back home but the good news is that Phuket Bike Week in April is not too far away and here all our Brothers from Asia would be turning up and we will be expecting many guests from all over the world. Phuket dates are 9th & 10th April 2010 and we will be leaving Bangkok to Prachurup Chapter for the first big party and then down to Surathani for the second night before riding the final leg over to Phuket Island. This is going to be a wild weekend especially as our Eastend Bangkok Chapter will have the 5 years Anniversary. Looking forward to see many Brothers there.

Love, Loyalty & Respect

Bandido Crispin 1%er

Secretary Eastend Bangkok BMC
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